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"In The Burbs"

Author Amy Lyle and blogger Gina Ryals teamed up for a new comedy show, “In The Burbs,” a 60-minute talk show that debuted as the most popular show on the UI Network

Motherhood, marriage, divorce, and menopause are among the “joys and concerns” comedian and screenwriter Amy and Gina take on. The show features Amy’s and Gina’s warm and humorous rapport, interesting guests, wacky games, and outrageous headlines of the day, while giving a humorous view of life in the outskirts.

The show airs every other Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. EST. Watch on and Binge TV Networks, or stream live on the “In The Burbs” Facebook page. You can listen to the show as a podcast on Spreaker and SoundCloud. 



December 18

New York Times best selling author Karen White, NYC actress Angela Massic, and host of "Your Success Life," Eric Reid

Featuring viewer's cute pets in holiday attire and favorite gifts. Plus, we'll share some "Best of the Decade" lists!

Submit your pet holiday picture!


January 15

Super organizer and author Patti McLangston and Georgia Hall of Fame songwriter Russ Still

January 29

Steamy romance novelist Donna Morton and Emmy Board member Aurea McGarry


February 12

Author Helen Darling and life coach Carla Thomas

See video highlights of the show!
Visit the "In The Burbs" website

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