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Second Act

Author Lee St. John is a self-proclaimed rogue southerner. It suits her. After thirty years as a public school teacher, she has poured her life experiences into material for her five self-published books. She's A Keeper!: Confessions From A Southern Girl's Closet - The Stories Begin, ranks number one in Kindle Short Reads. She can be seen monthly on WAXC’s Charter Cable television show, The Front Porch: discussing everything from what utensils are necessary to host a formal dinner party, to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day sipping Irish coffee and writing limericks on the fly with host Kenny Dean. Why is Lee getting her hustle on in her sixties when she could be relaxing? She explains that her mind never quits and if she didn’t have an outlet for her creative energy, she would drive herself and those around her, crazy.

Growing up, Lee wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore’s character, Mary Richards. She did make it to the newsroom, writing her for high school and hometown newspapers. She attributes her Scottish DNA and Southern upbringing for her gift of storytelling. Although Lee sings every Sunday at church and attends bridge club, she can be scandalous. Trying to be hospitable towards two, recently recovered from being kidnapped, geriatric family members, she asked: “What kind of comfort food should I prepare for kidnap victims?” The correct fare for a kidnapping was not in her playbook: she decided on Chinese delivery. During a beach trip with girlfriends, Lee, the driver, was pulled over for speeding five times although but not ticketed. No topics are off limits in Lee’s books, but she does cloak the names to protect the guilty.

When Lee is not offending kidnapped victims and speeding, she’s busy writing a Greatest Hits manuscript based on her books and columns she’s written for the Newnan Times-Herald. Her advice to people approaching retirement: “Don’t hold back, pursue your passion and go for it.”

To Check out Lee’s upcoming speaking events and book signings visit

Facebook: Twitter @leestjohnauthor Lee St. John books are available on Amazon

Amy Lyle lives in Forsyth with her husband, lots of teenagers, and two dogs. Her book, The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures is a bestseller on Amazon.

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